‘The Vineyard we Knew’ Book Project is Live on Kickstarter!

Hello Everyone

For several years, I’ve poured my heart into the manuscript for my new book: The Vineyard We Knew—A Recollection of Summers on Martha’s Vineyard’, and now I’m excited about publishing it for others to enjoy.

Last month, I had mentioned the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the book.  Image

Well, I’m happy to announce that the campaign has officially begun—it’s now LIVE on Kickstarter, and I’m asking for your help. If you could take a moment to check out the video about my project at http://kck.st/GHirnt, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Support for this project is voluntary. If nothing else, you’ll get to enjoy a great video!

P.S.  If you happen to like what you see and want to support this initiative, then that would be fantastic!  I’d also be grateful if you’d forward this request to a few friends, family, and co-workers.

Thanks for your support!


Kevin J. Parham

Realizing Your True Potential

Clear Your Mind of CAN'T

Throughout the course of our lives, we are constantly faced with having to make decisions—some of which are important and could potentially affect our future, while others are inconsequential, and, as a result, are limited in scope.

Many times, however, we resort to accepting the notions of ‘luck’, ‘hope’, ‘fate’, or ‘what is meant to be’, only to find ourselves wishing for the best possible outcome. And how often has an outcome fallen short of expectations?

What many of us fail to recognize is that we are in many respects the architects of our destiny. The very nature of our thoughts, be they positive or negative, can often have a profound effect on future results…but how many of us believe that we can actually influence those results simply by changing how we think?

The ONLY impediment to realizing your true potential is you.

Therefore, if you truly believe in yourself and can clear your mind of the word “CAN’T” and replace it with “I Shall”, then nothing will keep you from reaching your God-given potential.

‘The Vineyard We Knew—A Recollection of Summers on Martha’s Vineyard’

Hello Everyone -

I sometimes think of how fortunate we are to have this forum as a means of communicating with one another. It’s inspiring to see the admiration that many of us have for the island of Martha’s Vineyard—it’s truly a special place.

I’ve been visiting the Vineyard almost every summer for over fifty years, and, as a result, I have a lifetime of memories from my experiences there—some of which I’ve documented in my new book:

‘The Vineyard We Knew—A Recollection of Summers on Martha’s Vineyard’

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

It’s an engaging story about the time I had spent on the Vineyard as a young boy during the 1960s.

This month, we’ll be kicking off a campaign to launch the book project, and I’d love to have you join us! For more information about this exciting event, please visit:


There, you can sign up to receive updates and other announcements.

Thanks to you all!

Best regards,



It is a known fact that anything tangible began as a mere thought…

And thoughts are powerful things…

Therefore, we are limited only by the boundaries we set for ourselves.

Do not limit your potential…dare to dream BIG dreams…

For if you allow your IMAGINATION to fly free…

There’s nothing in this world that you cannot accomplish!

Be Thankful. . .


Have You Ever Wondered What LIFE is All About?

As They Say, Money Isn’t Everything…

Money Isn’t Everything…

  • It can buy you a bed—but not sleep
  • It can buy you a clock—but not time
  • It can buy you a book—but not knowledge
  • It can buy you a position—but not respect
  • It can buy you medicine—but not health

Though research consistently shows that the more money people have, the more likely they are to report being satisfied with their lives, the data is slanted. Though money buys you things that make life easier and more satisfying and the easier your life, that relationship isn’t entirely linear, since there’s a limit to how much wealth can please you.

The happiness benefit of an increasing income is especially powerful among people who don’t have much money to start with, and diminishes as wealth increases. But studies also reveal that as average income levels have risen over time — in the U.S. and European nations, for example — residents of those countries have not reported being any happier than people were 30 or 40 years ago. It’s a paradox that while income and happiness may be associated within a population at any given moment, overall economic growth does not appear to correspond to a boost in national satisfaction over time.

Studies suggest, money matters, but only up to a point. Become rich enough, and a bigger paycheck no longer leads to more happiness. However an individual’s rank, or status, appears to be a stronger predictor of happiness than absolute wealth. The higher a person ranked within his age group or neighborhood, the more status he had and the happier he was regardless of how much he made in dollars (or, in the study’s case, pounds).

~ Tom R.


The New Science of Happiness http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1015902,00.html

Study: Money Isn’t Everything — But Status Is!



 Over the centuries, Halloween has had any number of names, interpretations, and meanings associated with it.  Whether you choose to call it ‘All Hallows Eve, The Eve of All Saints’ Day, or as in the case of modern days, Halloween, it basically boils down to one common theme—and that is the chance to wear outrageous costumes, and for one night, act out your wildest imaginative fantasy in ways that would otherwise be deemed as unacceptable or immature.  For kids, it represents a time of fun and excitement, dressing up as princesses, butterflies, and superheroes and receiving bags full of tasty treats that would make any dentist smile with glee. 

Regardless of what it has been referred to, this special evening has been considered to be one of the most magical evenings of the year.  It’s an evening of power and uninhibited fun; it’s a time when the spiritual and material worlds collide momentarily, when the veil separating the here and the hereafter is believed to be at its most narrow juncture.       

I was raised in a blue-collar neighborhood not far from Boston, Massachusetts.  When I was young, Halloween was celebrated at a time when there were no huge shopping malls and hardly any commercialization. We created simple costumes out of anything that happened to be lying around the house, and trick-or-treating was a mad dash to see how many houses we could visit in the allotted time to fill up our brown paper bags with candy. 

Our Community Center held pie-eating contests, we bobbed for apples, carved pumpkins, and sometimes enjoyed hayrides.  And a local car dealership even handed out free ‘Hoodsies’ (a small paper cup filled with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with a wooden spoon attached under the cover). 

Of course, celebrating Halloween during my adolescent years wasn’t without a modicum of mischief, either. I had certainly engaged in behavior unbecoming a responsible young man, such as throwing raw eggs at passing cars, writing on objects with shaving crème, taking pumpkins from front porches and rolling them down hilly streets, breaking them into many pieces, and even taking candy from other trick-or-treaters because I was too lazy to collect my own—activities that I now regret having been part of.    

While attending Salem State College, located in ‘Witch City’ of Salem Mass, where Halloween is a serious, week-long ritual, I was indoctrinated as to the historical significance of this esteemed observance each year.  It could best be described as a homecoming where thousands of ghouls and goblins descend upon this north shore community to share camaraderie for a common, fun-filled purpose. 

Whether you believe in ghosts or the supernatural is irrelevant; what’s most important is that you make Halloween a safe and fun celebration for all!





Autumn in New England

There’s something about autumn in New England that truly speaks to me.  As such, it’s one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Similar to a nocturnal animal that creeps quietly into the night, it arrives unsuspectingly and without notice, no fanfare or announcements made.  Before you know it, autumn swoops down with its burst of cool, crisp air that invigorates your being and cleanses the soul.    

Autumn is a time of preparation and regeneration; it is also a time when the celestial clock compels us to conform to the unavoidable laws of nature, willingly or not.  The days grow shorter; activity slows down. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in a vivid display of color composed of red, green, gold, orange and brown. Dried leaves crunch under foot, and the aroma of a wood pile burning in an open field wafts about.  Outside, wild animals begin the process of hibernation and plants slowly become dormant. There is a distinct feel in the air; it is almost as if I were riding the Jet-Stream as it ushers arctic air from north to south.  It feels cool, but not cold; it is refreshing, but not intoxicating.   

Apple-picking, pumpkin-carving, hayrides, and pie-eating contests are all but a prelude to the ghosts and goblins soon to descend upon sleepy New England cities and towns.  Not long after the passing of “All Hallows Eve” we’ll be sitting at a table with loved-ones and friends, giving thanks for the blessings in our lives.  That annual ritual will be followed by the celebration of the yuletide, as the landscape, like clockwork, transforms to a blanket of pure white snow and ice crystals.           

Although the arrival of the fall season signals the conclusion of summer, I hold no regrets about this change.  To me, it represents a new beginning. It’s a time to consider not what is or what has been, but what could be.  And with that, I welcome autumn with a strong sense of optimism.  It is a humble optimism, one rooted in knowing that the best is yet to come; and for that I am eternally grateful.            

An Incredible View From Space

For all of you star-gazers and would-be astronauts…take a virtual ride aboard the International Space Station!


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