When I was young, I used to always hear adults discussing certain aspect of life.  And although the vast majority of those conversations were beyond the ability of my young, inquisitive mind to comprehend, I quietly listened to the exchanges from afar to see if there might be a nugget of wisdom that I could extract from those verbal volleys. 

Then one day, during what I dismissed as being just another routine diatribe between two grown-ups, something within me clicked when I heard the word ‘Change’.  It was almost as if a switch had been thrown deep within my psyche; an immutable moment in time when the usually meaningless babble that I repeatedly overheard somehow made sense.

Throughout life, I have often contemplated the word; change.  And in doing so, I would ask myself why is it that Humans are described as being creatures of habit when nothing in this world remains the same?  We like to follow a schedule or a daily routine; we rise each morning at a certain time and expect to have our meals placed before us at another.  Most activities that we engage in are dictated either by the clock or by the calendar. 

It seems as though we derive a certain sense of comfort by being able to predict what’s going to occur next, yet we are almost never able to do so.  I find it interesting that for all we want to know about life-events, we do not wish to know when our own mortality will be at hand.  We don’t want the good times to end, or those wonderful feelings of elation to subside.  We grow up, become educated, secure gainful employment; some get married and raise families. Others drift through life upon the winds of fate.  No matter what course you take, you can bet that things will always change. 

It has often been stated, and I definitely concur, that the only constant in this life is change; that’s the one thing that can be predicted with 100% certainty.  How one chooses to embrace this omni-present state of flux, or not, is a simple proposition: You can choose go with it and live a life that is full and exciting, or you can attempt to view it as something that can be postponed or avoided altogether, which is comparable to locking yourself in a room with no windows or doors and thinking that nothing is happening in the world – that time has stood still; that the earth has stopped rotating, or that day has ceased to follow night and that night no longer precedes day. Not a very logical stream of thought, and most certainly unattainable.

Personally, I have chosen to ride the wave of change with an open mind and optimistic heart.  One never knows what lies ahead or around that next bend in the road; but one thing I do know is that the road ahead is guaranteed to be unlike the one just traveled. 

I believe that change is good; something to be accepted and embraced. 

How about you?



  1. So, “ride the wave of change”? Who has the heart to say no? 😛

    Change is definitely the only thing one cannot avoid. I mean, people do try. It’s that sense of certainty in predictable situations that give most of us confidence — first, because we know what’s going to happen and we anticipate it; second, because it gives us a sense of control over our lives.

    But most of us have to grow up and accept the fact that change — and adapting to change — is what allows us to be alive and human.

    Very though-provoking posts, Kevin, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    – Red

    1. Red –

      Thanks for your kind response, and another ‘thanks’ for checking out my blog. I guess I’ve always been a little on the philosophical side of things, and as such, I enjoy expressing thoughts along those lines.

      Best regards,

    1. Anitha –

      Thanks for your reply and for stopping by. Your view of expecting the unexpected will always keep one on their toes! For to be willing to explore and to learn new things, one must always be on the lookout for the unfamiliar and sometimes the unique and/or different. That’s what makes life worth living; the prospect of encountering something which we have never experienced.

      Keep exploring and discovering new and exciting things!

      Best regards,

  2. Good words Kevin – ride the waves of change. I like to see it as going to an amusement park with all the excitement and treats that accompany the experience. (Athough I have to admit, I love change a little to much, and really need some more structure in my life – to keep that balance. )

    1. Barbara –

      Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate your response. I would say that your perspective regarding the concept of change gives you a healthy edge over those who attempt to avoid or delay it. You appear to be the type with an ability to ‘go with the flow’; taking things as they come and approaching each facet of life with an open mind and with confidence. The structure you refer to that balances life will come; it’s not always obvious, but it does occur; kind of like the law of averages, where there seems to be an intangible, but equalizing force quietly working in the background.

      Be well,


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