A ‘Twist’ on New Year’s Resolutions

As we close the chapter on the year of 2011, it is only natural to look ahead to 2012 and welcome it with a heightened sense of optimism. Through careful introspection, we re-assess our lives and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished over the past twelve months.  On the one hand, we proudly tout what objectives were met. But on the other, we reluctantly acknowledge to ourselves the things that we intended to accomplish, but somehow ‘life’ got in the way and prevented us from reaching those goals. And as a consequence, we fell short of the mark. 

There isn’t a person alive today who doesn’t have an idiosyncrasy or two that they’d like to address, but their resolution often times remains elusive. To assist us in dealing with them from a psychological standpoint, we mentally toss them into a confidential compartment in our minds that we conveniently refer to as the ‘shoulda,’ ‘woulda, or ‘coulda’ done file.  This enables us to take a candid look at ourselves in the mirror and attempt to rationalize our inadequacies or shortcomings while simultaneously pondering the prospect of what could be.

I’d like to approach the concept of New Year’s Resolutions from a slightly different angle or ‘Twist’, if you will.  I would ask each of you, my fellow bloggers, to join the discussion and consider the things about you that you not so much resolve to change, such as bad habits (you all know what they are and we all have at least one), but to reflect back on the things you’ve accomplished that you would like to continue doing or do better.  I guess it’s a form of positive affirmation that acknowledges something good that you’re already doing and sharing it with others…

Let me begin:

  • Several years ago, my family and I began the annual tradition of donating Christmas gifts to ‘The Home for Little Wanderers’, an organization that distributes toys to disadvantaged children – I look forward to continuing that tradition.
  • We also volunteer at a local homeless shelter at Thanksgiving and Christmas, serving meals and cleaning up…this I will do every year.
  • As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more compassionate for and tolerant of others, and I now consciously look for ways to be of assistance to those who are less fortunate whenever I can…I do not have unlimited resources, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to give of myself, regardless of the size of my contribution, for I truly believe that every little bit helps. 
  • In 2008, I began writing a memoir – three years later, in 2011, it was completed and I plan to share it with others by publishing it in 2012.
  • I will continue to learn, to share, and to live my life in such a manner that when it is over, I will look back with a sense of pride in knowing that I lived my life ‘well’.

With each new year comes a new opportunity to make a difference not only in ourselves, but also to the rest of the world…don’t miss that opportunity.

Tell us about your New Year’s Resolution ‘Twist’…

 I wish each of you a happy, safe, and healthy New Year!







  1. Hi Kevin, my 22nd goal for 2012 is called stop-continue-start. (It can be read thru this link: http://silverlining09.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/goal-22-for-2012-stop-continue-start/). It is a technique I have adopted when i still had a career as a team manager in a call center.
    Now that I am self-employed as a freelance writer and full-time mom to my twin daughters, I will still want to adapt the same technique to help me stop doing things that are only burdensome, continue doing things that have positive effects, and start making sense in my life!
    This is a thought-provoking topic. More power on your blogs!

    1. silverlining09 –

      Thanks for your response, contribution, and kind words. I will definitely check out your link. I used to be a manager in a call center myself many years ago, so I’ll be particularly interested in your perspective! Thanks again, and best of luck in all of your personal and professional endeavors.


  2. Great post, Kevin. I will continue to work on writing my memoir in 2012, a project that has gone well so far this year.

    At the same time, I wanted to thank your for visiting my blog today and leaving such a kind and supportive comment. It was great having you, and I hope you will visit again sometime soon!


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