Month: February 2012

A Blog About Nothing. . .

I’m going to write a blog about nothing,  

Not going to blog about traveling near or far.

No travelogues, no experiences, no trumpeting—

Not even going to mention the make and model of my car.

I don’t want to talk about things I like or dislike,

Or my impressions of you and who you think you are.


I promise not to broach the rising costs, or the love I lost,

Or some sad unfortunate story in the news.

I’ll refrain from drumming up feelings of compassion,

No bouts of guilt to point to what we all could lose.


And I’ll take great care to avoid blogging current events,

Most of which don’t make a hell of a lot of sense.

I’ll try not to allude to the economy,

Despite the fact that it consumes all of me.


Let’s not bring up women’s rights, human rights, greed, or corruption,

For that’s surely time wasted; a mere interruption.

And I’ll speak not of racism, war, sickness, poverty, or death,

because those are subjects that are sure to depress.


No, Instead, I’ll simply write a blog about nothing—

An inconsequential dissertation, if I may. 

And I’ll be sure to fill it with thoughtless words of hyperbole—

Words that will take you merrily on your way.


So, I hope you enjoy my blog about nothing—

a simple blog with words that could be a song.

But I do hope that after it has been read,

Its true meaning will linger on and on…