Month: October 2013

Realizing Your True Potential

Clear Your Mind of CAN'T

Throughout the course of our lives, we are constantly faced with having to make decisions—some of which are important and could potentially affect our future, while others are inconsequential, and, as a result, are limited in scope.

Many times, however, we resort to accepting the notions of ‘luck’, ‘hope’, ‘fate’, or ‘what is meant to be’, only to find ourselves wishing for the best possible outcome. And how often has an outcome fallen short of expectations?

What many of us fail to recognize is that we are in many respects the architects of our destiny. The very nature of our thoughts, be they positive or negative, can often have a profound effect on future results…but how many of us believe that we can actually influence those results simply by changing how we think?

The ONLY impediment to realizing your true potential is you.

Therefore, if you truly believe in yourself and can clear your mind of the word “CAN’T” and replace it with “I Shall”, then nothing will keep you from reaching your God-given potential.