Being a 57 year-old author, musician, administrator, and businessman, I am fortunate to be surrounded by a loving wife, a wonderful daughter, family, and friends who are genuinely supportive of my endeavors and are engaged in my continued success and well-being.

At this stage of my life, one might assume that I’ve seen and done it all, and in many respects, this is true. I do, however, remain intrigued by things that are highly complex, such as how the human body functions or by something as incomprehensible as the meaning of life. Conversely, I am just as capable of being inquisitive about something as mundane as deciding what to have for dinner.

My point here is to convey the fact that no matter how old you become, and regardless of the number of challenges you are called upon to endure throughout life, you can be certain of this truth:

-There will always be more to learn; There will always be more to see and do; This life is a finite journey, one whose outcome is dictated by your thoughts and actions; In other words, one that is dictated by you.-

In the spirit of achieving harmony within and in service to humanity, I pose the following question: What can you do today that will make a difference in someone else’s life, which in turn, can make all the difference in your own?